Saturday, February 12, 2005

Carrots & Eggplants

I enrolled in art class which runs for 7 Saturdays here in Makati. I was a bit concerned because I started with acrylics for my first painting project. Otay, it was just a paint-by-number stuff but still I found acrylic to be my best medium.

Then came ER Tagle's class. I enrolled myself one Friday evening and I found myself in a small class working on this strange medium called watercolor.

At first, ER instructed me to do some tonal values with a blue pen. I divided my paper into 8 sections and started rubbing the pen. Just a brief background, I only slept for a few hours on this Saturday morning. I wasn't happy with my rubbing.

Then came my first watercolor project, carrots and eggplants, using the technique known as "wet on wet". Interesting. I couldn't do it. Teehee... I was told by ER that I ought to follow him because what I was doing was not his technique. But he told me I've got composition (a good thing for a beginner). Here goes my first watercolor project.


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