Thursday, July 22, 1993

Ming and Kanga

When I was still in college, I remember my two pets who used to share my bed with me. Ming is a light yellow cat who was very brave. He fought some of the neighbor's cats. Sometimes he disappears and comes back with scratches on his face. But he was very loyal to me. I miss him so much.

Kanga, on the other hand, was a dog of some foreign breed that followed my kuya on the streets. Apparently, he's a stray dog. He's a very thin dog but when you call his name, he jumps up and down like a kangaroo. That's how he came to be called. The problem is he gets to be intimated by other dogs easily. When he fights with other dogs, he trembles and his eyes bulge. I remember taking him to my arms and comfort him after a dog fight.